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Some Information for First Time Visitors

Hello! For our new visitors, just a few brief words of explanation should make the site more intuitive.

Some basic important stuff:

  • Your email address is not for sale, not ever, not to anyone. We respect the privacy of our users.
  • You'll start out creating your own page (you'll be functioning as the "Family Representative"). After you've added all your data, you'll have a chance to add your offspring, spouse, parents, siblings, or anybody else you want to include in the system.
  • First thing you'll need to do, as a new user, is choose a password, you'll need to type it twice to make sure there are no typos.
  • Your name is required, as are your age and gender, the last 2 are medically necessary to get the most sensible recommendations, your name is required so the system can tell you apart from the other people you will manage.
  • You'll be asked for an optional nickname...if you leave this blank, the system will refer to you by first name. If you're Mary Smith and you want the system to list "Mary's recommendations" then just leave it blank. However, if you want the system to list your recommendations as "Sunshine's recommendations", then put "Sunshine" as your nickname.
  • You'll be asked to answer 14 basic health questions for each person in your family and yourself. If you're the only person you're managing, it'll only be once through. These questions are optional and the answers are kept as secret as it's possible to hide anything these days. The purpose of the questions is to help the system determine which recommendations are most appropriate for the person involved. You can change the answers anytime to reflect changing health status.
  • In fact, you may change any of this stuff at any time -- all this stuff is available under the "Personal Info" menu.
  • Once you've answered all the questions, just click the "Add" button at the bottom of the page. You will then be transported to your "Recommendations" page.

More basic important stuff:

Once you get to your "Recommendations" page, you'll have some options at your disposal.
  • You can add some recommendations. These start out as "Inactive Reminders". Which recommendations you see depends on your age, gender, and the answers to the health questions you've given. If you've skipped the questions (you can always answer them later by visiting "Personal Info") you'll get just the basic reminders for your age and gender. If you click on the "Add Reminder" (green plus symbol) you can move a reminder to "Active Reminders". You can always use the red "X" (delete reminder) to transfer an active reminder back to inactive status. This will erase data associated with only the "deleted" reminder, if you reactivate it, you'll need to supply a new "most recent appointment" time.
  • You can always read the text of both active and inactive reminders just by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol.
  • You can change your "Personal Info" like your nickname.
  • You can view your "Reminder Schedule" (once you have activated some reminders).
  • You can change reminder preferences.
  • You can visit the "Help Page".

And finally:

You'll notice there's a "tab" with your nickname (or first name if you left nickname blank) just to the right of the left menu bar near the top of the page. The tab tells you whose recommendations you're managing. On the right opposite to the tab, you'll see a button called "Add new member" for your other family members. Clicking on this will set up a new menu for the new member's name and age and gender and their 14 questions. Once you've completed this form, you'll find your pages have sprouted a new "tab" for your new family member. You can switch which recommendations, or personal info, or reminder schedule is on display simply by clicking on the tab for that member.

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